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Recycling solutions for

Post Consumer

and Compounders


High filtration

up to 80 microns

Continuous and automated


from highly polluted waste


Uninterrupted Production


90 microns


2 Gorilla Belt inline, filtering 90 microns directly from post consumer waste.
Current average throughput: 3,300 lbs/h

Cofit International

in the USA

In order to fully support the American customers, Cofit International opened a new Company in the USA: Cofit North America.

Cofit North America manufactures, keeps in stock and provides after sales support, for an outstanding experience with Cofit screenchangers.
Control panel and software integration support is provided locally as well.

You can now get pre-sales support in your plant directly from the people that design and manufacture the products.

Thanks to the experience in the extrusion field, Cofit North America also distributes products from some of the best Italian companies, in order to be able to provide you a complete and integrated high quality solution.

For every partner distributed product, support and stock are available on the territory.

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Our Services

  • Pre sales support

    Our experience is at your disposal if you need to set up a new line or improve your current plant.

  • Equipment startup

    We do not "sell and forget". Our committment is providing the best startup support for your new equipment.

  • Technical support

    And after the startup we will continue to support your correct equipment usage, remaining at your disposal for your needs.

  • Warehouse

    We stock our spare parts in California in order to give you the fastest support in case of breakdowns.

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  • Cofit North America Office

    4455 Murphy Canyon Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92123 (USA)
    Phone: +1 (415) 659-9830

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